Kit for Sauna Stove 1:18


The Kit contains parts for one Peto wood stove for Sauna. Parts we make of finnish  birch plywood in our workshop in Kangasala. Mounted stove is aprox.3.2×3.2 cm, height without stones 5.1 cm.

The stove stones (not included) shown in the picture are sandy gravel (they heet nicely!). Teddy and Grandpa thinks it´s so fun to put up these kits together. Anyhow they are not included.

This stove I have  painted with acrylics. You can treat plywood “any way” to paint, varnish, wax, color, stain … squatting heavily with water raises the surface hairs of the wood, even after sanding the surface.

Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.


Sauna Stove kit

Hey this is fun ! says Teddy

Sauna Stove 1/12

Start assembling by gently jiggling the parts off the plate. Assemble the stove first without glue to identify where glue is needed. To assemble, you need a universal glue or wood glue. You can treat the stove like a wooden object: varnish, wax, paint… I have used acrylic paints in photo and recommend painting after assembly.

Nallet saranoi

You can glue the stove hatch/door permanently in place or hinge it with the included fabric hinge. Act like the Teddy bears in photo hinging a display cabinet. Cut a suitable piece of fabric ( in this case a width of 2 + 2 mm height as desired, even the entire height of the door) and assembly the fold outwards, one sheet to the frame / frame / wall and the other to the side of the hinged part (in this case the door). Try without glue first to get the idea clear.

“He came home, crafted for a moment and saved his day ”

Contains small parts, not less than 3 years.


Our machines run on eco-electricity. The workshop is located in Kt. Oy in the Kangasalan Yhteiskylä area, where we follow several nature-saving principles.


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