For Resalers

Dear retailer

If you are considering becoming a reseller of G E P E T T O products, call Anu on 050 376 5848 or send an email to Let’s look at the matter together, if we are to cooperate you will receive the codes, a username and password for login. With the codes, you log in to the online store as a retailer and see the products at wholesale prices. The codes are confidential.

Logging in to the system makes it possible to see tax-free wholesale prices and minimum orders for the products.

To place an order via the online store after logging in:

Once you have logged in with your codes, you can place your order as a “purchase” from the online store. Visit the cashier and click- I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *– then the green one -place order-. (Important do not pay in this phase). Now the system will send your order to me and inform you that “no payment service provider has been chosen” which is good because there is no payment at this stage. The order is now on its way and I will confirm it for you in your email.

Delivery terms and payment

Free shipping to Finland orders over 310 euros (VAT 0%). Delivery fee to other countries according to costs. Shipping costs   for orders under 310 euros (VAT 0%) is 12.00 euros to Finland and Sweden. Payment period 14 days net. Invoicing either as an e-invoice, e-mail attachment or on paper during delivery. Shipping costs outside Finland (or Sweden) are agreed separately.

Delivery terms apply until further notice.

Minimum order

(for example, if the minimum is 3, you can also order 4 or even 21) The minimum number for cards, bookmarks and jewelry is 10 pairs / model. Furniture 3-5 pcs / model. Dollhouse etc 1 pc.

You can also place an order by calling +35850 3776 5848 or email

Sunny days and good sales to all Gepetto dealers!