Art Nuveau Chairs 1:18 2 pc


Kit contains parts for two chairs 1:18 made of birch plywood.

First jiggle the pieces loose and mount first without glue to see where glue should be applied. To mount use universal glue. Squeeze the joints lightly.
You can treat plywood as wood: paint, varnish, wax…I usually use acrylic paints.

Contains small parts – not for children under 3 years.

You can also send chairs as a surprise directly to your friend via the online store (Choose delivery at checkout to friend’s address).


Art Nuveau Chairs

Art Nuveau Chairs
Label for kit that contains parts for two chairs 1/18 made of birch plywood.


We manufacture our products in our workshop in Kangasala. We also make designs, illustrations and experimental versions of the products such as laser-cut plywood products,  custom-made works in our own workshop. For everything printed (on fabric or paper) we have reliable partners near us: Eräsalo printing house in Tampere and Printscorpio in Aitolahti. We have a selection of houses and furniture in the scales 1/12, 1/18 and 1/24 also 1/48 and 1/6.


Our machines roll on with green electricity. The workshop is located in Ecovillage in Kangasala, where we follow a number of nature-saving principles.


Most of our products are useful (utility articles). Our graphics and text are made with heart. The purpose is to awaken small and big smiles and thoughts. Our idea is to offer accessories for those who want to enjoy the DIY, the journey to the conclusion and influence the result. We do not sell finished goods, but things to do and the joy of crafting.

– Save your head, save your day – Use your imagination and hands!


Online shop is always open. From the workshop (Muurahaispolku 1, 36200 Kangasala) you can also get the products, but first contact Anu: 050 376 5848 or Resellers you can see on our website. A good idea is to ask in advance, not everyone has the full selection. In addition, I visit several dollhouse fairs and various handicraft fairs around Finland and also the Sy-Craft festival in Älvsjö / Stockholm and Miniature fairs (Miniature Society Stockholm) whenever possible.