Eri Keeper universal glue 40 ml


A tube (40ml) of great glue with which I like to assemble our plywood kits . Also perfect for all kinds of  crafts (paper, wood, cardboard, ceramics…). You can also mix paper shreds, sand, sawdust… with this glue and make various interesting coatings.  By diluting with water, you can use Eri keeper like a glue in the wallpapering of a dollhouse.

We also have a smaller 20 ml tube for sale.

This water-soluble glue is also easy for children to use. However, keep the adhesive out of the reach of small children.


Eri Keeper 40 ml universal glue

Universal glue
Grandma uses EriKeeper practically where ever glue is needed.

Eri Keeper is an adhesive developed in Finland in the 1950s [1] from polyvinyl acetate [2]. Eri Keeper is used in construction and crafts, for example. Until 1988, Eri Keeper was manufactured by the Finnish Specialty Oy.

Today, Eri Keeper is imported by Akzo Nobel Coatings Oy, which markets its products in Finland under the name Casco. The adhesive is manufactured by Akzo Nobel International Deco AB in Sweden.