Nostalgic towel hanger 1:12


Lovely nostalgic towel hanger 1:12. Mountable shelf of untreated birch plywood.

Jiggle first the pieces loose. Install first without glue to see where it is needed. To mount use universal glue in joints.

You can treat the rack as any wooden object: varnish, paint, wax… I use mostly acrylic paints seen in the pictures


Nostalgic towel hanger 1:12


We manufacture our products in our workshop in Kangasala. Towel hanger is birch plywood and the pieces are  lasercut.


Our machines roll on with green electricity. The workshop is located in Ecovillage in Kangasala, where we follow a number of nature-saving principles.


Most of our products are useful (utility articles). Our graphics and text are made with heart. The purpose is to awaken small and big smiles and thoughts. Our idea is to offer accessories for those who want to enjoy the DIY, the journey to the conclusion and influence the result. We do not sell finished goods, but joy of crafting.

– Save your head, save your day – Use your imagination and hands!

Quotation: Arts and crafts provide a platform for the kids to create new things. It makes them think differently and to innovate. The ability to solve problems the kid encounters while taking up a project work promotes creativity. In short arts and crafts will make your kids more resourceful and versatile.
(My remark) : Counts adults too!