Café Chairs and Table 1:18


The kit of café furniture is made of Finnish birch plywood. The beautiful, graceful set includes two chairs and a table.

Start by jiggling the pieces slightly off of the slices. First install without glue to observe points where the glue should be applied. Universal adhesive is good for this. Squeeze the joints lightly.

Furniture is fine as they are, but if you want color the plywood can be painted, waxed, varnished…  For painting we usually use acrylic paints.

Contains small parts – not for children under 3 years

You can also send a package as a nice surprise directly to your friend via the online store (Choose delivery at checkout to friend’s address).

Props on the pictures are not included in this package.


Kit for Two Café chairs and table 1:18

café chairs and table
instructions for mountable café chairs and table made of plywood

café table Pieces for two graceful chairs and table are the same just smaller in scale 1:18