Pavilion 1:12 (upstairs)


The height of the Upstairs-Pavilion assembled is approx. 21.3 cm, interior 27×20 cm, base / floor 30×22.7 cm.

Note. ! in picture at the topthere are are two upstairs pavilions and down Downstairs pavilion (with a larger base piece) on the roof of the top pavilion there is a roof terrace railing that is not part of the package (yes you can find it in our selection).

The sidewalls have a stripe pattern and windows. The inner walls are unpatterned. The upstairs model floor and ceiling are the same size. Always test mount first without glue. Be sure to put the sliding doors in place before gluing the roof piece to walls !

We have also the model Pavilion-Downstairs with a larger base (30x26cm).


Pavilion 1:12 (upstairs)

Pavilion upstairs

Instructions and label for mountable pavilion of plywood