Fabulous Stable 1:18 with beautiful sliding doors


Kit for Stable 1:18 with beautiful sliding doors.

Height approx. 14 cm, interior 18 x 13.2 cm, ceiling 20 x 15.3 cm floor 20 x 17.3 cm

Kit contains parts for onestable with sliding doors.  Also included is a shelf and three hooks (hooks are missing from the picture, they are installed under the shelf).

The roof of a flat-roofed stable is inspiration for the roof terrace, roof garden, to build upon it penthouse for the stable girl / boy …

The package includes the stable parts lantern, hedgehog horse and boy are props.

What a great crafting task ! says hedgehog. To assemble, you need a universal glue or wood glue. The ends have a strip pattern and windows. The left end has a shelf and three hooks. The inner walls are unpatterned.

Contains small parts.  Not for children under three yrs.



Fabulous Stable 1:18 with beautiful sliding doors

This Fabulous Stable is great crafting present for yourself or a friend.

Fabulous stable with sliding doors
label and instructions for stable with sliding doors