Koffee and Tea packages 4 of each 1:12


Kit for four Koffee and Tea packages 1:12 (text in finnish)


Koffee and Tea packages 4 of each 1:12

Koffee and Tea packages
Label and instructions for Koffee and Tea packages

Made in Finland and the environment

An easy decision was that our products are be manufactured in Finland, either in our workshop in Kangasala (also Koffee and Tea packages ) or by our domestic partners. Our own machines run on eco-electricity, and in material choices we strive for sustainable solutions both in terms of quality and the environment.


The products, illustrations and texts are made with a heart, with the aim of evoking small and big smiles and the hum of thought.

About dollhouses and furniture

In dollhouses and furniture, we want to provide things to do / the joy of doing, not just goods. If we manage to enable a comfortable moment of our own or shared craft, we think we have succeeded. We manufacture domestic frame packages for prefabricated dollhouses in our own workshop in Kangasala. We do not sell finished goods, but things to do. Our selection includes prefabricated dollhouses and furniture in scales 1/6, 1/12, 1/18 and 1/24 as well as 1/48.