Mini henhouse 1:48


Even the smallest chicken family need a home.. So we made them a kit out of finnish  birch plywood.

Not long after, the rooster and the hen had already done the job. They began by very calmly picking off the small parts from the disc.

Assembly order: First put the side walls on the base piece and the pars piece in place by spreading the side walls a little (you can also put it already between the side walls and then connect it to the bottom). Push the back wall  into the slots of sidewalls and put the roof in place. In the end decide a good spot for the ladder and get some hay (not in the package) for cushioning.

Material: 1 mm domestic birch plywood The package includes the parts of a mini chicken and a rooster, hen and 4 chickens. Other accessories shown in the pictures are not included in the package. Dimensions: base approx. 2.4 x, 2.6 cm height 3,2 cm.

Pieces are tiny so this kit is not suitable for children under 3 yrs.



Rooster and Hen build a mini henhouse for the family


Almost done!