Nostalgic radio


Bunny is so happy with the radio he made himself. Sounds great, and the batteries don’t wear out!

Material: Finnish birch plywood

Dimensions: The dimensions of the assembled nostalgic radio are approx. height 18mm, width 32mm, depth/thickness approx. 8mm.

Assembly instructions: calmly pry the parts of the radio off the board and glue them together with special keeper-type universal glue. Rotate the radio to see that the parts are seated straight and level on all edges.

Finally, find a channel you like and relax.

Remember radio parts are small. This kit is not suitable for kids under 3 yrs


Nostalgic radio

Nostalginen radio, nostalgisk radio
Bunny presents the nostalgic radio he just put together. It wasn’t hard at all (two parts)!!!

Nostalginen radio


Teddy has just been given permission to borrow grandma’s radio. Koiru is a little worried that the exercise program might be too hard.
The chest of drawers is a dresser with 2 drawers 1:12. The chest of drawers and other props in the picture are not part of the package.


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