Jeep kit for miniatyr Jeep


Jeep parts are untreated finnish birch plywood. Of course the tires are spinning, otherwise none of it will happen!

First, carefully pry the parts away from the board.Assembly is possible without glue, if you drive long distances on bumpy roads you should still mount the Jeep with  universal glue.

Assemble without glue first to observe the assembly order and where to place the glue. Instructions included.

You can treat the plywood with “whatever” I have painted the colored Jeeps in the picture with acrylic paints. There is a smiley image on the hood.

The jeep package weighs less than 50g. The Jeep is about 6 cm long, about 3.3 cm at the widest point and about 4 cm at its highest point (the windshield). The tires are spinning.

The package contains the parts of a jeep. Other accessories shown in the pictures are not included in the package.

The Jeep has small parts – so it is not suitable for children under 3 years old


Jeep kit for miniatyr Jeep

Label and instructions for kit Jeep. Jeep parts are 2mm birch plywood and are manufactured by laser cutting in our own workshop in Kangasala. Plywood is easy to process. Plywood can be varnished, waxed, stained with wood colors, painted… Begin assembly by carefully prying the parts away from the board. To mount the jeep permanently you need  universal glue. “He came home, tinkered for a while and saved the day”Koottava Jeeppi