Set for two watering cans


Kit for two watering cans for a dollhouse or for a gardener friend. Made in Finland, Kangasala. Hint: Using watering cans as earrings could be fun!

Material: Finnish birch plywood

Dimensions: Larger 1:12 can, extreme width 5cm height 3cm. The height of the handle from the ground is about 2.8 cm. Smaller 1:24 pitcher. extreme width 2.6 cm height 1.5 cm. The height of the handle from the ground is about 1.4cm.

For assembly, you will need universal glue or wood glue. I painted the jugs in the picture with acrylic paints. You can handle plywood in almost any way: paint, stain, paint, varnish… Once you have gently jiggled the parts off the board, you still have a lot of material left for the treatment experiments.

Do not forget to mention if you want the text on plywood to be in english. The label has text also always in english.

Remember that kits with small parts are not suitable for children under 3 years.


Set for two watering cans 1:12 and 1:24

Something nice to do. Two watering cans to put together for dollhouses, as earrings, for fairy tale gardens… With finnish, swedish and english text on label. English text on plywood card: Sunny days and gentle rain for the gardener.

Made in Finland from finnish birch plywood. First, jiggle the parts off the plate. Use universal glue when mounting. The beak part comes in the middle. You can treat plywood like any wooden object: paint, wax, varnish… with the cans in the picture, I used acrylic paints.

Watering cans
Wonderful plywood card with parts for two watering cans. Remember to mention, when ordering, if you want the text in english: “Sunny days and mild rain for the gardener”
Watering cans
Label and instructions for two mountable watering cans made of finnish birch plywood.