POSTCARDS : Plywood postcard kits and traditional postcards


Lovely Finnish GEPETTO CARDS:

Cheerful texts and illustrations made with warmth and skill are designed by Anu Pellinen.  Plywood cads we make in our own workhouse in Kangasala. Traditional postcards are printed in Eräsalo kirjapaino in Tampere.


The entire selection can be found in the online store. Some of our dealers also have our cards for sale. You will find the resellers on our site. In addition, I visit several dollhouse shops and various handicraft fairs around Finland.


The machine runs on eco-electricity. Workshop is located in Kt. Oy Kangasala ecovillage, where we follow several ecological principles. Eräsalo Printing House (prints our traditional postcards) / Environment: We are committed to responsible environmental protection in our business operations and are prepared to operate in accordance with the ISO 14000 environmental management system.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results