Miniature dish Three cream cheeses 1:12


Three cream cheeses with different traditional patterns.

Dimensions: 14x14x6mm.

Material 6mm birch plywood.

Start like the rabbits, first gently pry the cheeses off the plate. If you decide to color the cheeses, acrylic paint for ex. works perfectly.

The cheeses are small and can look rough. Keep them out of the hands of small children, at least those under 3 years of age.

In our online store you can also findplywood molds for cheese making in miniature or as props for still life.


Miniature dish Three cream cheeses 1:12


The bunnies have already removed the cheeses from the plate and are thinking of painting them off-white.


These three cream cheeses are ready and require no further assembly. You can immediately start thinking about whether you want to stain/paint them… what would be  good for you. You can also find molds for these cheeses in the online store.


Theeasiest way to get Gepetto miniature dishes is to order from our online store. I also go to several events and fairs around Finland. You can find information about these at the page SEE YOU. We always run out of space at events, so if you want to pick up something specific, make a pre-order in time by texting 050 376 5848 or emailing and I will do my best to have the product for you want reserved for you (it doesn’t matter if you can’t retrieve it).