Fairy Friends-postcard


Fairy friends kit of untreated birch plywood. The package includes parts for two sitting fairies and one standing fairy (height approx. 7.4 cm)

Fairies are packed as a postcard (under 50g).

You can also send the card directly through us at no extra cost.

Then put your friend’s address as the delivery address.

Start assembling by gently squeezing the parts off the plate. Use hobby glue for assembly.

Fairies you can treat like wood: paint, varnish, wax, oil… Other props shown in the pictures are not included in the package. 

Photos: top: Postcard side of the postcard. In the middle: instructions. The bottom picture shows the plate on the postcard, from which the parts are jiggled off and glued together.

Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Fairy Friends

We manufacture Fairy Friends in our workshop in Kangasala.