Gazebo 1:12


Wow, now we have a great glass house, a gazebo, a greenhouse, a yoga room, why not even a chicken coop or a stable. Colud  have those summer guests sleeping there listening to birds sing.

This package includes parts for one glass house. The chicken nagged so long that it was also included.

Material: approx. 4mm birch plywood.

Dimensions approx. cm: Total height 19.5, internal height highest 17.5, internal height lowest 13. Outer walls / sides 13 cm / ends 15.8. Walls interior / sides 12.2 / ends 15 cm.

Try assembling without glue first. To glue use universal glue or wood glue (you can get  glue from us in tubes of different sizes). Assemble the walls around the floor. I recommend using masking tape to tighten the joints. Remove the tape as soon as the glue has dried. Finally, install the roof.

If you are planning on painting your interior, you should do so before assembling.  Exterior paintings i would do after the walls are assembled so that the joints are also taken into account. I mostly use acrylic paints to paint , but you can equally treat plywood by varnishing, staining, painting or with wooden pencils… practically anything goes with wood. If you take your glass house out of the garden to the fairies be sure to use exterior paints and / or varnishes. The various props in the pictures are not included in the package.

Also keep in mind that the package is not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.


Gazebo kit 1:12

Small bunny found the absolute best hiding place. Hen wants to say that every Hen has the right for a peaceful place to meditate!
Gazebo kit
Kit for a wonderfull Gazebo-pieces.