Gazebo 1:24


absolutely charming gazebo Made in Finland Material: Finnish birch plywood.

Dimensions: 6.5×7.9 cm. Height approx. 9.4 cm, inner height at the highest point 8.5 cm, inner height at the edges approx. 7 cm. Outer walls/sides 6.5 cm.

Pry the pieces off first. To mount the set, use universal glue or wood glue. Test mount first without glue.

First assemble the walls around the floor. For example, use masking tape to tighten the joints. Remove the tape as soon as the glue has dried. Finally, put the roof in place.

If you plan to paint inside, do so before mounting. I mostly use acrylic paints to color  plywood , but you can also treat gazebos by varnishing, waxing, coloring with pencils or … practically anything goes with wood.

If you take the glass house out to the garden for the fairies, remember to use outdoor paints and/or varnish. The abundant props in the photos are not included in the package.

Also remember that the package is not suitable for children under 3 years due to the small parts.


Gazebo 1:24

First assemble the walls around the floor. Pikkunallen lasimaja