Plywood postcard -1000 Flowers- 3 bags 1:12


A plywood postcard from which you can assemble two bags and a handbag.  Even two flowers are included!

The handbag and two bags model “1000 flowers”  is a great little craft piece.  Made of Finnish birch plywood in Finland!

This bag pattern “1000 flowers”  is seed-patterned. (the picture of the assembled bags also includes other models — paper roses are not included in the card).  Universal or wood glue is needed to mount the bags.

Contains small parts – not suitable for children under 3 years.


Plywood postcard – 3 bags 1:12 model 1000 Flowers

Käsilaukku ja 2 Laukkua kortti 1000 flowers

Label and instructions for plywood postcard -1000 flowers-