Elf in Ice Hole – plywood postcard


Elf in the Ice Hole is wonderfull postcard made of finnish birchplywood. When you mount it up you have your own finnish style cottage and a elf that is bathing in icecold water. Surely soon he runs back to sauna  !

You do not need glue to mount this set. But if you want to glue it permanetly use universall glue or wood glue. Ply wood you can paint, vax,varnish… anything goes.

Notice there is small parts not for children under 3 yrs.


Elf in Ice Hole

This Elf in Ice Hole postcard is made in our workshop in Kangasala. You do not need glue to mount it. If you want to glue it permanently universal glue goes fine. To paint I have used acrylic paints but any paint goes (or crayons or..) !